How Did We Get Here?

We currently live in Missouri but we are native Wisconsinites. We are no strangers to moving around as we lived in eight different homes in the first sixteen years of our marriage! Our final home in Wisconsin was our dream house. It was custom built with a lot of input from both Scott and myself, but that is a story for another time. You may be wondering, “Why move to Missouri?” Humidity and curly hair don’t mix!

map-from-wi-to-mo In 2008, we experienced what seemed to be at the time, a series of unfortunate events. Although Scott graduated from UW Madison (GO BADGERS!) with a degree in exercise physiology, he joined his dad and brothers in the family blueprinting business. To make a long story shorter, it was eventually sold to a nationwide company who kept Scott on for eighteen months and then laid him off. Losing the main bread-winning job was never in our plan or even a possibility in our minds. This event caused a domino effect of changes in both our daily lives and our overall financial situation. Talk about a curve ball! I went back to work after being a stay-at-home mom for seventeen years. I taught piano and guitar lessons from home and worked part time in a European coffee shop (I love to meet people and drink fancy coffee drinks, so this worked well for me!) During those years, I re-entered the world of music therapy and took another part time job at an Assisted Living facility. In the meantime, Scott prayed about another job and made it very clear that he was not interested in going back to school. In the end though, (God has such a sense of humor!) we decided on a school in the St. Louis area that would allow Scott to return to his original plan and find a job in healthcare. After taking a suggestion from a friend, he started on his journey to become a respiratory therapist.

Now he has been working for over a year and this has allowed me to stay home and work on some of the projects we have been planning. Bigger gardens, raising and selling goats, farm fresh eggs (more are always needed!), and preparing our back ridge for grapevines and other wonderful things. Throughout this entire process we have found ourselves providing a refuge of sorts for both people and animals. Living this lifestyle has been both a challenge and a labor of love.


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