What’s With the Name?

Refuge on the Ridge… I suppose there are other more exciting things to call our homestead but the name really seems to fit what we do here. We provide a refuge. It takes different forms although hospitality has been a strong theme whether for visitors passing through for a night or two or a safe place for a longer stay. A friend of ours actually took our house number and plugged it into the Strong’s Concordance and saw that the Hebrew word that it’s connected to (chagav) means “refuge on the cliff.” Our property is more of a ridge but when you’re standing on top of the incline, it sure feels like a cliff! It was fun to learn that this meaning mirrored so much of what we were already doing. Not only have we been a refuge for people, we’ve done a fair share of nurturing animals through injury or illness. The most successful examples have to do with goats. Watch Yovel’s story here. We haven’t been nearly so successful with chickens, however. As much as we’ve tried, nursing sick chickens (even to the point of turning our downstairs bathroom into a chicken clinic!) has been frustrating. When I lose one, it makes me question whether I’m the worst homesteader there ever was or if it’s all part of a unique form of schooling that God is putting me through. Either way, we learn through experience. Refuge on the Ridge was already happening before it had a name. It just took a little while for the name to catch up with us!




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