Yovel’s Story

fullsizerender-copy-72Yovel is our little miracle goat. When she was only a little over a year old, she contracted what we believe to be a bacterial infection that affected her neurological system. The illness took her quickly and within 48 hours she could hardly lift her head. This was incredibly scary for us. We had her camped out in the garage on a bed of blankets to keep her separate from the other goats. We were fairly sure that she was a goner but she had a dim sparkle in her eyes and that gave us hope to try to help her. We hand fed her smoothies of molasses, clover, grain and kiefer . This was a 24/7 effort. Slowly we nursed her back to health. The first day that we started to see some improvement, we found out that one of us accidentally fed her the homemade coffee creamer that was in the fridge near her special smoothie jar. They were close to the same color so you can see how the mistake was made! We are not sure whether the smoothies or the creamer was more instrumental in her recovery! (Perhaps we will post the recipe for our homemade coffee creamer at a later date!) She still has a few lingering effects from her illness. She prefers to circle in one direction and she has a much louder voice than before she was sick. (That was one change we weren’t so excited about!) Check out the video that Elie made about this experience!


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