New Additions

new-babies-1Beyond the usual blessings we recount at Thanksgiving on a typical year, this year we have a few more “things” to be thankful for. Three to be more specific! We have been waiting and marking the signs of Mia’s early labor for some time now. In fact, we had been doing every two hour nightly checks for about 10 days. We were expecting the babies a week ago, but they decided to make their appearance on Thanksgiving afternoon. As I was changing the laundry over, I heard one of our goats, Yovel, yelling at the top of her lungs. This is not unusual but she generally makes that kind of noise closer to the dinner hour. The next voice I heard was Lisa’s shouting from the backyard, “there’s a baby on the ground!” The household immediately went into high gear trying to get to the goat yard! Our plan had been to keep Mia in the birthing stall until she delivered but she wasn’t showing many of the usual signs and she really wanted to go outside. Of course, she would choose the day that she wasn’t safely isolated in her warm stall! The first little one that was born on the cold ground ended up being just fine. She is tiny and only two-thirds the size of her two brothers. The two boys looked strong and proved to be big eaters right away. One looks like a Galloway cow with the white center section of fur surrounded by black on either side. We named him Oreo. The other boy is the color of butterscotch with some white patches. so… Butterscotch. Our dainty little girl is speckled and splotched with black and white so she was named Cookies and Cream, CC or Cookie for short. We love having babies on the farm! Something about new life…


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