When the Hens Aren’t Laying…

There has been a lot of excitement around the hen house lately! Our newest batch of girls have started laying. I believe I mentioned our bad habit of naming chickens in a post on Our Farm page. We recently had to cull a number of chickens that felt, well, sort of like family. They were over two years old and we were down to getting 1-2 eggs per day and some days there were none. We went through the process of warning them and having discussions with them about soup pots and casserole dishes but, to no avail. This went on for several months and we finally made the decision to set a final date for an egg-laying turnaround! Surprisingly, we held firm to the date and processed all but three. One was younger and we integrated her into the other flock which consisted of three mature black copper marans and nine pullets of different varieties. The other two were sold because we just couldn’t bring ourselves to send them to freezer camp! It’s easy to say, “the chickens will feed us one way or another,” but it’s another thing altogether to follow through on that thought. We got through the first batch and maybe it will be easier next time. That is, if we can stop all that “name-calling!”


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