Homemade Message Board

I have always loved traveling, especially when we get to go spend time with close friends and family! Rebekah and I just recently got back from a trip to Southern Mississippi to see some very close family friends.


Of course, she and I have a habit of getting out of town to enjoy beautiful weather right when the nastiest weather comes rushing into town. So she and I were enjoying 60’s and 70’s right along the Gulf Coast while it was single digits around here. We don’t plan it this way. We’ll just blame it on her school schedule!


Anyway, I am getting off topic… the important thing is that while we were there, we were able to help out with some projects that they have going on with their house. The most interesting and fun project was making a message board on a three-foot wide wall in their kitchen. (I forgot to get a picture before he took off the original wall but here is where our adventure began.)


I also should have gotten some pictures and footage of running around the new Lowe’s, trying to figure out where everything was located. But after about an hour we left with all of the supplies that we needed:
-1 4×8 BC plywood board
-1 quart size jug of black chalkboard paint
-1 sheet of magnetic metal
-1 package of white finish nails
-2 corner edging pieces
-1 paint roller
-1 piece of pretty white floor trim

(We tried to find cork board at this Lowe’s but they didn’t have any so an emergency Walmart  trip had to be made to grab a couple packs of Quartet Cork Tiles.)

Tools needed:
-metal cutting scissors (I am not sure what it was called but they were an electric pair that worked beautifully)
-miter saw
-tape measure
-circular saw
-paint roller handle
-paint tray
-electric drill

The first step we took was to cut the board to the dimensions of the wall that we were covering. This board formed the support for the entire area. Once we figured out how to make the dimensions fit, we marked out and painted the section that was going to be the chalkboard.




After that section was dry, we attached the board to the wall using as many screws as we needed to make sure that it would stay up.



Then we did whatever touchups needed to be done to the chalkboard paint so that it could dry while we dealt with the metal pieces for the bottom section. We chose a wavy piece, overlapped it and then screwed the metal into place on the top and the bottom.


Next, we cut the bottom trim with 45° angles to create a nice corner and attached it to the side walls with white surface nails.


After this, we nailed on the side trim with the surface nails and waited for the cork board tiles to arrive. Once they did, we attached all of their convenient little sticky pieces to the back of the tiles and slapped them up on the wall.


Then it was just up to our friend’s expertise to make a chalk shelf (this also helps cover the sharp metal edges.)


Or, you can buy a chalkboard shelf, but where is the fun in that?! Now we have a message board all ready to go!!!



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