Hoof Trimming



A new milestone… Hoof trimming day! The day that everyone gets really excited about and can’t wait for!!!…not really. We are so not excited about this day, that we pushed it off a little longer than we probably should have… like a month longer. We also had busy schedules so not all of it was a dread of dealing with kicking legs and bucking heads, but we finally buckled down to it because… the babies needed their first hoof trimming.


Trimming little baby goat hooves is a slightly different experience than trimming adult goat hooves.


Their little tiny feet make me very nervous that we will cut down too far with the big clippers. That and trying to figure out how to hold them is a whole other ball game as they can slip right out of your grip.


All three did surprisingly well and it was nice to be able to pick them up and put them at eye-level. We have had similar experiences with cat “manicures” but thankfully there are no scratching claws…






The funniest and, oddly, easiest trimming was with our part Myotonic goat. I didn’t even intend to trim his hooves because Bekah, who was helping with all this fun, had to leave to go see the new Star Wars movie and I was not up for doing it by myself. Circumstances changed though as I chased him to see how badly his hooves needed to be trimmed and he just froze up and fell over!


I promptly took the opportunity to rotate him onto his back and start trimming his hooves before he could even complain. He must have been continually shocked by the weird change of events because I got through three of his four hooves before he even started to move at all. Here he was, living his happy little munching life when suddenly, someone starts chasing him around his stall and then flips him on his back, throws a leg across his stomach and starts clipping his hooves while Mia and the babies stand gawking at his misfortune. Oh, the stories we have on the farm!


All in all, we trimmed 32 hooves in one afternoon! While it didn’t make the top 10 list of things I like to do, it turned out to be a day with a lot of laughs!


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