For the Love of Cast Iron and Mason Jars!!!


So… for this blog post I was going to write about the wonders and beauty of cast iron skillets and mason jars. Then I stopped and thought about that a little more and here was my conclusion. Every other homestead blogger out there has already talked about one if not both of those things. This was the most unoriginal idea I think I have ever had! What was I thinking? Then, when I thought about it some more, the thought occurred to me: Wow! How is it that every single homesteader that I have ever known or read about has the exact same love?

Now, if you are a homesteader or if you happen to read or follow any homesteading blogs, there are some things that might seem interestingly similar. I mean seriously, it’s almost like it is something that comes as natural to a homesteader as a tail does to a cat! These timeless classics and almost “all things old” just seem to call out to anyone with a desire to raise livestock and live a simple, happy, old-fashioned life.

So don’t get me wrong… this isn’t a complaint at all. I have the same love for cooking everything in a cast iron skillet (partially because I don’t have a pot yet. I am working on that!)  So, here is the question: Is this something people are just born with or is it like a disease that they catch? Is it a natural love hidden deep down that just needs to be brought to the surface or is it something that people acquire and it is all over from there?

The same interesting similarities happen with animals as well. Many of us start with chickens and then start adding larger animals until the outside square footage starts to run out! This lifestyle can be a slippery slope!

To prove my point, here is’s take….

Actually, here is the thing… before we had even seen this video, we actually followed this entire process to a “T” up until the cow! And we would have continued on this road if we had enough land to support that right now! Hopefully, more room outside will happen sooner rather than later.

What other symptoms/ genetic traits do you see in homesteaders? We would love to hear. Maybe then we can start forming a stronger theory about how we end up this way!


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  1. Shoshana says:

    Yes! Anyone who likes the simple life has a tendency to get carried away with cast iron and mason jars and gardening and …! I bought enough cast iron pots and pans to last a few lifetimes when I found them. I love them and am always tempted to get even more. And then later I bought a store’s supply of canning jars (which I use). Those jars take up all my cabinet space, making my kitchen feel smaller. At least they are full of delicious food. Every year my vegetable garden gets larger, too. This year it will take over half my back yard and even some of my front yard – it already took over my dining room for the winter. The only thing keeping me from getting chickens is the thought of leaving them alone for weeks at a time when I travel. I think homesteading gets in your blood and once that happens it never leaves; even your kids are at risk!


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