What it takes to get a vacation…

There are so many things that our family has come to love about our little hobby farm: fresh eggs and milk, funny entertainment from our animals, fresh produce and herbs from our garden, etc. Some of us have even come to enjoy the family time and fresh air while we are out cleaning coops and trimming hooves. But there has been one part of life that has been a little hard for our family to adjust to… being stuck! It is practically impossible for us to travel anywhere together as a family because someone has to be here to milk the goats every evening and morning as well as make sure that everyone is fed and the chickens get locked up safely at night.


Now, chickens wouldn’t be so difficult to ask our neighbors for help with but it would be a little more difficult to ask them for help milking the goats. It’s not even like we could train our cousins and give them a part time job while we are gone because they all live six hours away. Not having family or friends available to help look after the farm makes travel a bit more complicated than it used to be. But we have found ways to work around such obstacles by taking turns as we go out on trips but there is still a bunch of extra planning that has to go into all of it.


As Mom and I are getting ready to accompany Grandma and GG on a cruise in the next few days, there are a lot of extra things to do besides packing. First, we have to organize a substitute chore chart to make sure that all of the work gets distributed as evenly as possible between the rest of the family holding down the fort. This can get a little tricky as work and school schedules are always in flux around here. Thank the Father for a few pre-made frozen meals to make things a little lighter on everyone!

Second off, we have been working double time in the garden to make sure that we aren’t late with planting again. In the last couple of posts, we shared about everything that has been going on in that department. And lastly, there are a lot of things that we are making from scratch now that will need to be made before we go, especially yogurt so that I will have the starter to make the next batch. Ah, the things that a farmer must do before going on vacation!



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