Blessing Grandma


This past week with GG, Grandma and Mom has been a huge blessing, not only in the fun activities but also the memorable moments, both from the past and ones that were created. GG was the joy and life of the party! One of the funniest moments was our first night at dinner when GG would forget that we were actually on a huge cruise ship. When she felt the ship rocking because of the swells or wake from another ship, a look of concern would cross her face and we would have to remind her that “we’re on the ship!”. It was the funniest thing because we would get her convinced that everything was okay and then five minutes later she would forget again and the process would repeat itself. It just became funnier and funnier for us as it continued and she would be shocked all over again!  Somehow we got her chanting “We’re on the ship! We’re on the ship! We’re on the ship!” in a hilarious video. From then on we would just have to say “We’re on the ship,” and she would just start giggling like she was still too shocked to believe it.

Of course, the relaxing on the beach near beautiful, aqua-colored water was also lots of fun for all of us. The beaches at Mahogany Bay, Roatán, Honduras were just that and so calm it was really had to make myself get out of the water. I was originally too nervous to even venture onto the shore in Roatán because of some of the violence and other issues that had been happening there, but the port where we pulled in was very secure and the beach was a little island all in-and-of itself. While we were there, I learned that there are three main languages that are spoken on Roatán: English, Spanish, Garafundi, which is a dialect that is supposedly a mixture of French and English but had a very Jamaican sound to it. I didn’t hear very much Spanish spoken while I was on the island and that is actually what prompted me to ask someone.

Our last port stop was in Mahahual, Mexico at a port called Costa Maya. Mom and I got a chance to ride ATV’s on a jungle trail there. I hadn’t really had a chance to drive an ATV for the past five or six years so I was practically grinning ear to ear the whole way! My body knew exactly what to do with the rough rocky patches and turns and I moved by instinct, but my muscles don’t have the same toning that they did six years ago.

Let’s just say that I am still slightly sore a week later. Oh, and they had to warn us to be cautious of jaguars that might want to eat us! Just kidding!! Eliezer said that they only eat Mexicans! LOL! It was so much fun that I would totally do it again in a heartbeat!

While on board the ship, we had the absolute best wait staff. Haryard and Iwan, both from Indonesia, were our general waiters and Marlon was our wine steward. Neil was not really our wine steward but he is good friends with Marlon and would come over and talk with us when he wasn’t busy. All of these guys were so nice and fun to be with. They even came over to share all sorts of tricks from cards to disappearing pennies and other fun things! On one of our last evenings, Haryard made a paper fish for GG and that same night Neil made a miniature coffee table for GG with a cap from a Champaign bottle. Marlon was really wonderful in his genuine care for GG. He would watch for us to show up at the entrance of the dining room and would come right over to wheel GG to her spot at the table and make sure that she was in the best position to keep people from bumping into her wheelchair. Then he would ask her every night if we were on the boat and she would make us all laugh with her different responses. Most of the time she had completely forgotten that we were on the ship!

There were a few things that were a little difficult for me on the cruise. For one, we had a really windy trip so the ship was rocking most of the time that we were at sea. I finally broke down and took some Dramamine the last two nights so that I wouldn’t wake up nauseous in the middle of the night. The second thing was that there was dairy in pretty much everything and I ended up taking a lot of Lactaid on that trip. It is really hard to be away from all of the lovely homemade cheese and yogurt that I can eat and that keeps me from having tummy issues. Mom and I are doing some detoxing to try and get both of our bodies back into shape after all of that rich food and many fruity beverages! At home, we can have healthy smoothies that are made from real fruit and not a flavored syrup in a container.

It is back to the farm now with all of its joys and challenges but I love this life!


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