The Newest Member of the Farm Family


Yovel’s baby boy was born exactly on his due date, April 12th. Five minutes into his due date at 12:05 am to be exact! It was a somewhat difficult and nerve-racking delivery.  He presented head first with only one leg forward. After trying to locate the other leg and being unsuccessful, we ended up pulling him out as gently as possible. We aren’t sure whether it was due to a first time birthing or if Yovel had difficulty because of her lingering nerve issues. Either way, little Shemuel came through it fine and we are thrilled to have him out and about where we can play with him!

Yovel has been an excellent mom. She is very attentive and lets us know if she can’t find Shem. We believe her eyesight is limited and she gets upset if he isn’t within close range. We noticed shortly after his birth that one of Shem’s hind legs was stiff and looked different than the others. After researching possible causes for this, we determined that he has a selenium deficiency. This was easily remedied by getting an injectable from our vet. It is also available in an oral gel. This kind of deficiency is passed from mom to baby so Yovel got a dose too and both seem much better.

We were really hoping for a tri-colored baby and Shem didn’t disappoint! He is super cute, friendly and bouncing all over the place these days. What a joy! It will be fun to let him run and play with his half-brother Butterscotch in another month or so. We are so thankful that we took the risk and let Yovel be a mom! She seems thankful too…




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  1. Shoshana says:

    He’s so cute! I love the spots on his side. I’m glad Yovel came through alright. Would you take the risk again or leave it as it is after this birth?


    1. Laurie says:

      I’m not sure. We would need to move first as we are stretching our creativity to the breaking point trying to figure out how to keep the herd we have on this small plot of land! Showings have been very slow as of late. I suspect we might try again in 2 years to give her a good long time to just be. She has been a very good mom!


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