Moving Predicaments…


Our little homestead has come to a crossroads. One acre served us well with a handful of chickens and three goats but… we have dreams of having such an abundance of eggs that we can supply our friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. with them for an affordable price. We also dream of meat goats and sheep, a miniature jersey cow, and being able to keep many of the adorable youngsters that are born here! These types of dreams require more than one acre!

So, we have a 20-acre farm in mind and now we are in the process of selling our place. We have sold homes before, of course, and I remember how difficult it was to keep everything perfect for showings. Now, however, we have the added chore of keeping the animal areas as clean and picked up as possible. As I’m sure many of you are aware, keeping animals in one area without being able to rotate them causes a temporary stripping of the land. We know it will grow back because we have experienced it but there are not enough bushy greens growing quickly enough to keep all of the goats fed without supplementing with hay. I really don’t want to have to buy hay in the summer!

In response to this problem, we have started a fencing project down the back ridge. We have finished clearing a 2-3 foot wide area around the perimeter where the fence will sit. It was back-breaking work but it will be worth it when it’s done. We had hoped to plant grape vines down the slope but the goats are the more immediate concern at the moment. Oh, if any of you try this yourselves, be careful where you step. We ran into some of the wildlife that we don’t usually see up closer to the house!

So… how does one keep their sanity while living in a “museum,” cleaning stalls and the yard daily, creating new eating spaces, loading two large dogs up and taking them somewhere rain or shine and displacing a sleeping 3rd shift working husband each time there is a showing? All of this while continually improving the property as you wait to see if someone likes your home as much as you do. A lot of prayer and giving up the things you have no control over. Who knows? We may improve things so much that we’ll decide to stay!



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  1. Shoshana says:

    Oy! What a tough position to be in. I don’t envy your predicament at the moment; however, it will be all worthwhile when your little band of animals grows into flocks.


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