When the LORD closes the door…


These past few months have been quite the whirlwind around here as we have searched and searched for a suitable place to move where we won’t be too far from the city where Scott and Bekah work, but there will be enough wide open spaces to grow our little farm. That was only the beginning of the requirements list! After looking for a place that had enough acreage, a basement, enough bedrooms and an existing setup for animals, we found that if we wanted something that specific, we would probably need to start from scratch. What we were looking for was quite a tall order and, to be honest, nothing was fitting the bill. The biggest problem that we encountered was the distance from work. Scott is not interested in driving more than an hour to work and almost everything that had more than three acres, within a certain radius from work, was way out of our price range or had a very run-down house.

We finally reached a point where we had to stop and ask God if we were hearing Him correctly. I believe that we were, in a sense. We seem to need a reminder that His timing isn’t necessarily our timing. This generally seems to be our biggest problem when we know that God is asking us to do something. It’s not necessarily the “what” but the “when.”  Sometimes it is the “when” that can give more specifics on the “what” as well. So, we have taken a step back and changed our direction a little bit. We took our house off of the market and planted some fruit trees and berry bushes in the back yard. Fencing the back quarter acre has given us extra space to reorganize the animal pens a little bit. It has been a huge relief to not have showings or feeling the need to scour the internet for new listings.

Isaiah 55:8-9 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” declaires the LORD. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.”

We are coming to understand that the Father wants the best for us, even in the location of our farm. As we have been walking through this process, it occurred to us that buying a vacant piece of land would probably work better. In addition, one of our adult children wants to buy this house. That makes it so much easier to get things set up the way we want them and even have a place to live when we eventually start to build. Not only did the majority of the stress go away, we will be able to plan exactly what we want. 

“The mind of a man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.” -Proverbs 16:9. We can plan all we want but if we keep praying for God to lead and guide us in the plans that He has for us, then things will never go exactly the way that we expect. That is unless we learn to expect the unexpected.


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  1. Shoshana says:

    So inspiring! And I think you have made the right decsion. You will discover so many more possibilities and have much more satisfaction when you do find your dream property.


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