The Three-Way Switch: A bedroom moving operation (Part 1)

In a way, not moving was a little bit of a disappointment for me personally. I have a love for rearranging furniture and reorganizing rooms, and I was ready for a new room to play with. I had already maxed out space and arrangement possibilities in the downstairs bedroom, so I was itching for something new to work with. I had been playing with the idea of switching rooms with Rebekah or Rachel just for the creative ideas that it gave me.

Then two other problems came up that needed solving. The most important one was that Dad was having a very hard time sleeping because the master bedroom would get way too hot in these Missouri Summers during the day. The second problem was that Rebekah was in major need of some more space. Both of these issues played perfectly into this plan that I was concocting in my head. My bedroom was like a second master bedroom, but was located in the finished basement where it is so much cooler during the day. The main master bedroom is larger than Rebekah’s room and has it’s own bathroom to hold all of her many lotions and hair products that were overtaking both my bathroom downstairs and every spare inch of space in the bath room that she and Rachel shared upstairs.

You see where my brain was going with this, don’t you? A three-way switch that would solve every one of the problems. Mom and Dad moving to the basement would give Dad a cooler space to sleep during the day (and a bonus of a bigger bathroom and extra closet space). Rebekah moving to the main master bedroom would give her the bigger closet, extra space and bathroom all to herself. Last but not least, I would have a smaller space that would be more practical for me and a whole new canvas to work with in rearranging and designing. Oh, and Rachel would ultimately get more bathroom space because I would not take up as much as Rebekah.

So, one fateful day, that is exactly what we did. To start the day, I emptied everything out of my room and bathroom. Then, piece by piece we moved everything from Mom and Dad’s room downstairs.

After their room was cleared out and vacuumed, we then hauled everything out of Rebekah’s room and down the hall. At this point, everyone was exhausted and feeling the need to reorganize in their new space.


All of which was fine by me because I would have a much easier time painting an empty room.

To be continued…


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