The Three-Way Switch: a room transformation (Part 2)


As I mentioned in the previous post, we did a little bit of a room merry-go-round switching to help deal with some new challenges that had arisen from not really being able to move to a new house and bigger property right now right now. (See the previous post for details.)

All day Friday, that was my mission, to get the room painted before Shabbat.

God was so good and I was able to finish with just barely enough paint and with enough time for the walls to dry a little bit before piling everything in. I think Rebekah was a little sad to see the purple wall go but the room definitely needed a new coat of paint.

It was a little bit of a messy Shabbat, but come Sunday the walls were fully dried and I was able to reorganize in a new room with a whole new color scheme. Have I mentioned that I like rearranging things?

Then just this past week I constructed a new bench/bookshelf/shoe-shelf/cat tower. My room finally feels complete and very organized. Just in time for the beginning of the fall semester.

I really like it. Maybe I should have been an interior designer… Oh well, I will just stick with the Veterinary Technician.


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