Puppy Love!

Meet Mishmar!

This adorable little fuzzball is the newest member of our little hobby farm. In the little over six weeks that he has been with us, he has wiggled his chunky little self right into our hearts. His soft fuzzy fur and desire to just lay in anyone’s lap would break the will of any anti-dog person!

His new doggie companions have taught him many new things that he did not do when he first came to us. Rayah has taught him the ninja fast snapping movement of his jaw to grab food from a human’s hand. She has also taught him the art of crying and jumping on the door when he wants to come inside. Shomrah has instructed him in the complex technique of digging holes in the back yard so that when it rains they can take mud-baths together.

Despite the bad habits he is picking up, he has some really wonderful qualities. He, like Rayah, is very good about not going potty in the house. He loves to be inside (air conditioning is something he hadn’t felt before and he loves it!) and has spent hours indoors with very few accidents.  We are certainly glad that Shomrah hasn’t taught him to use the house as his own personal bathroom!

The three dogs get along really well and have since the day we brought Mishmar home. Right now the girls look at him as their baby but it won’t be long before he is quite a bit bigger than they are. His dad weighs about 140 pounds and his mom weighs 110. He’s going to be a big boy!

He is such a blend of cute and naughty! We love the adorable little grunts he makes when we pet him but aren’t so thrilled with his habit of digging up plants and tearing them to shreds. Bekah really hates this as she has been buying and planting berry vines, herbs, and flowers to beautify the back yard! He finds this wanton destruction incredibly fun and shakes the plants apart and runs them in pieces all over the back yard. He chews on almost anything: shoes, aluminum pie pans, gloves, socks, watering cans, even chickens! Poor Bekah, who can’t stand chickens, had to fold herself over the wire goat fence and bruising her ribs to grab Mishmar before tasting the chicken became eating the chicken. That was not a very good day! Nor was the day he chewed apart two large bags of birdseed and spread the mess all over the floor of the barn.

Despite the very normal puppy rambunctiousness, we love having him! He is a great kennel sleeper- not surprising after all the mischievous energy he expends each day!



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