The Amazing Exploding Cake

Our family has a birthday tradition that allows the birthday boy or girl the choice of what to have for dinner and the type of birthday cake. For most of us, German Chocolate Cake has been the favorite. Bekah, who just celebrated her 22nd birthday, requested Chocolate Ganache Cake this year. This is a super rich, almost revoltingly chocolatey (if the words revolting and chocolate can be used in the same sentence!) decadent cake.

It may sound like I don’t like this cake, but I do… it’s sort of a love-hate relationship that I have with it due to the fact that every time I’ve made it, it has exploded in my oven!

Thankfully, this time wasn’t as bad as the last. The first time I tried to make it was at my mom’s condo in Door County, WI. The explosion was much more dramatic that time! There was no foil protecting the bottom of the oven and when it was all over, there were even traces of chocolate on the ceiling! What a mess! It took a lot of effort to clean it all!

We ended up having to pour some of the partially cooked batter out of each of the two cake pans into a third. This is the secret to not exploding this cake in your oven! Even though the original recipe calls for two cake pans, a third is necessary. I have not found a round cake pan big enough to contain the batter for a double layer cake.

We weren’t sure that the cake would bake correctly after disturbing it so thoroughly in the middle of the cook time. There were portions that were already firm and a lot of batter that was still liquid.

In the previous picture, it looks awful but it actually turned out to be delicious!

The frosting looks like kind of a mess as well! It has a pound of chocolate in it! Not the cake and the frosting combined…. just the frosting! It was exactly what Bekah wanted in a birthday cake!


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