L’Bri Awry!

For those of you who have explored my website, you already know that I am a L’Bri consultant. I can’t say enough about the products! Between the extremely healthful ingredients and the positive changes that have occurred for mine as well as my family’s skin, I am always eager to share with people the benefits of switching from products that use waxes, oils, and parabens to L’Bri that uses aloe vera as the first ingredient in every skin care product. Except for last night…

Yesterday evening I was scheduled to host a L’Bri show at my home. Because of the usual cleaning and baking that takes place when we have guests over, I decided to do an easy dinner- a frozen pan of lasagna. It came prepared in a throw-away foil pan. After eating and making last minute adjustments to the table, while waiting for our guests to arrive, I took the empty pan down to the yard for two of the dogs to share the special treat of licking out the sauce that was left in the bottom of the pan. They seem to share better when there are only two instead of the usual three. Shomrah was spayed on Monday so she is separated and indoors while she recovers.

Rayah and 6-month-old Mishmar were the lucky recipients of the lasagna pan! They were sharing nicely so I went back upstairs to wait for the first arrivals. As I glanced out the back deck door, I noticed a lot of shiny silver debris in the backyard. Upon closer inspection, I realized that Mishmar had torn the pan apart and was busy chewing on a piece of it! It took me a moment to process the dire consequences of what I was seeing. Almost immediately after my first screech, the vet tech student and the graduate nurse sprang into action! Armed with hydrogen peroxide, syringes, and a piece of sanitary tubing from the medical supply kit left over from who-knows-what, the girls attached Mishmar to the fence. Rayah got out of all of the ensuing activity due to Mishmar’s reputation for eating anything. (I guess I forgot about that part when I gave it to him…) If the puppy could have made the connection between what happened to him next and eating the pan, I’m sure he would never eat another inedible object again! After about 30 cc’s of hydrogen peroxide and a 10-minute walk, he started to vomit. Thankfully we didn’t see any sign of the foil pan coming up. I’m still hopeful that he didn’t actually swallow any of it but we weren’t taking any chances. It seems impossible that he didn’t ingest any after trying to piece together what was left of the pan…

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that he got a warm water and soap enema as well just for good measure! This is what happens when a vet tech student puts what she learns into practice… she just forgot that enemas were for poisons/objects ingested at least a few hours after the incident. Again, we weren’t taking any chances! Poor puppy! At least she had a chance to practice the skill! After the fact, we realized that he had a lot more hydrogen peroxide than he needed to induce vomiting. If this ever happens to any of you, 2/3T-3T should do the trick. Walking the dog around is necessary after swallowing the peroxide.

After all of that, I was so grateful that no one showed up for the L’Bri show. Normally this would have been discouraging but not last night! I found out later that some of the girls that were supposed to come are actually coming tonight which ended up working out a whole lot better! For more information on what makes L’Bri products so much better than anything else, click here

I don’t think Mishmar learned his lesson about eating inedible objects but I sure learned mine about letting him have anything unsupervised! I’m happy to say that there have been no signs of him actually having eaten any of it today. He and Rayah are both acting completely normal so I guess we will put this experience down as a great learning opportunity!





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