Kid Season

It doesn’t seem like it’s been a year since we had baby goats being born on our little farm, but… here we are again! Our new Alpine goat will have her kids any day. Of course, that could stretch into a week or two! We seem to like to jump the gun with kidding around here! We started doing every two-hour checks this past weekend and now it’s Tuesday and there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of change (other than the people being a lot more tired than usual!)

The above picture was taken several days ago. She is quite a bit wider now! Her advanced pregnancy doesn’t seem to keep her down. She is just as active as she has been since she arrived. We have done some renovations in the barn simply to keep her safely in her stall. Yesterday we discovered that she can climb up the fencing on the stall door. She ended up getting the buckle of her collar stuck in the wires. I don’t need to have nightmares about pregnant goats accidentally hanging themselves on their stall door! Now she gets her collar taken off at night when she is in her stall! We continually have to adapt to her antics. It requires creativity and can be exhausting!

Energetic, right? I think she will be a good mama. Even though she is making a mess, she has been forming a nest with the bale of hay intended for feeding the rest of the animals!

Well, this is the first of four. We have two does due in mid-March and one due in May. It’s going to be a busy kidding season! We will update with pictures of the new little ones soon! Hopefully…





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