As promised, I have a full report on our newest baby, Daisy! She arrived on February 8th in the late morning. Her mom had been experiencing early labor signs for about two weeks. We did our usual and checked her every two hours overnight for a couple of days as she started getting closer. That only lasted two nights! Our new rule is to check every two hours once her pin ligaments have disappeared. That has been a lot more reasonable! Most of the sites that we follow say that once the pins disappear, the kids will be born within 24 hours. We checked Karah at 8:00am on the 8th and there were no pins!

After sitting with her in the barn for an hour or so, I decided that I had some time to make a phone call or two. Bekah stayed with her. Karah seems to feel comforted by having us close by. I hadn’t been on the phone for more than five minutes before I heard Erika sprint out of her room and down the steps. Needless to say, I ran too! Poor Bekah was trying to turn off the music on her phone and call us to let us know that “it” had begun. Just like all the rest of our first-time goat moms, baby needed a little assistance to join us out in the world.

Karah has proven to be a watchful and loving mama. She seems to be enthralled with keeping Daisy clean, warm, and fed.

She isn’t the only one who is captivated by this new little one… Mishmar is completely taken with her! He comes into the barn with me in the mornings to check on her and watch her walk around. I don’t think Karah is too keen on him being close to her baby but she is a little afraid of him still and does her best to tolerate his affection for Daisy!

Everyone here is thrilled to have a bouncy baby around again. In about a month we will be going through it all again. Princess Juanita Buttercup and Mia are both due around March 12th. The excitement never ends around here!






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