Healthier Living


In the process of looking at healthier options across the board, from cleaning products to medical care to personal care items, one product line that has stood the personal test of several years is the aloe vera based skin care line, L’Bri.




I have been using these products since 2009 and I have noticed an improvement in my skin tone as well as less frequent break outs. I always thought that it was unfair to start seeing gray hairs popping up here and there and still have to struggle with acne…but, it is what it is! L’Bri products have helped me as well as my daughters who are in the age bracket that you would expect to have problems with acne. The line includes both skin care items as well as makeup, body and hair care and a household cleaner. The first ingredient in all skin care products and liquid foundation is aloe vera versus water or oil found in most other lines. Because of this, these products last a very long time making them extremely cost-effective. They are also safe for all ages. I have read a number of testimonials regarding young babies as well as seniors enjoying the many benefits of aloe vera. My husband even uses my cleanser and moisturizer for shaving! For more information on the origins and mission of L’Bri, click here.


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Essential Oils

What are they? Essential oils are distilled, highly concentrated oils from  plants, flowers or roots.  We love to use them in so many ways it’s hard to list them all! We diffuse them into the air for aroma therapy, many of them can be used in cooking, and although they are not approved to be a substitute for medical attention, we have fought off many a cold with various concoctions.

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