Our Family


Blessings! Thank you for taking some time to learn a little bit about our family and the journey we have been on. My name is Laurie and my husband, Scott, and I have been married for 25 years. We have four adult children; Alek, Erika, Rebekah, and Rachel and two delightful young ladies that currently live here with us; Lisa and Elie. Until very recently, I worked as an Activity Director for one of the larger nursing homes in the St. Louis area and Scott is a respiratory therapist at one of the biggest hospitals in the city. Our children’s jobs range from chef to student nurse to web designers and creative consultants. In addition to people, we have two dogs, four cats, six goats, and thirteen chickens! There is never a dull moment around here and we are always learning through experience. We welcome you to come along for the ride and learn with us!

Who we are…


About Laurie…

Welcome to my family! My background is not in farming, running a permanent bed and breakfast or making as many products as possible from scratch. I actually spent most of my life living in the suburbs of Milwaukee, WI. I didn’t really have to do anything remotely like farming, short of taking care of my cat. My schooling is in Music Therapy and I have enjoyed teaching piano and guitar out of my home. I have also spent the last three years as an Activity Director in various nursing homes. These days I find myself milking goats, canning produce from our gardens and making homemade laundry soap! It is a welcome change, one that I hope you can grab on to, maybe just a little bit, to catch the vision of self-sustainability and hospitality that has become so important to our family.

About Erika…

fullsizeoutput_21eFour years ago I was… afraid of chickens, nervous around cows and thinking about going to nursing school. A lot has changed since then, making my life something far different than I ever thought. Living this great “farming and healthier living” adventure often involves animal problems, a lot of dishes, and many building projects (not all of which are a bad thing). Cooking in the kitchen is my playground, building in the garage is my laboratory. With an ever-present desire to make life easier and far more organized with neat little shelves that fit perfectly into the available space, I sometimes laugh at how carefree and experimental I can be when playing with new spices and blending different flavors in the kitchen. Story-teller, adventurer, creative chef, logical builder and number cruncher: that’s me. Oh, and by the way, I have changed my mind about cows…they are so cute!

Meet the other members of our family!


About Scott…

Head of the family, wood-maker, puppy spoiler, blue printer turned respiratory therapist, logical thinker, helper with hard outdoor work, and an excellent example of work ethic, integrity and doing things God’s way without worrying about what other people think.




About Rebekah…img_1184

Passionate nursing student, “mini-mom,” goat milker/coach, deliverer of sweet goat babies, fearless of all farm animals except ones with feathers, caretaker of postpartum moms, lover of Anne of Green Gables, Pride and Prejudice and other movies of this genre, encourager and listener of friends, and requirer of coffee every morning.


About Rachel…photo-1450088323702-8bce64113310

Independent homeschooler, creator of beautiful music via cello, Dean of Rachel’s School of Animal Cuddling, archer, our “long-stemmed rose,” chicken whisperer, world traveler, and budding gardener extraordinaire.


About Alek…

Version 2   Football enthusiast, movie expert, chef, puppy trainer, king of the “one word” answers, advocate for living in Wisconsin, dog sitter, Grandma’s #1 heavy lifter and keeper of the favorite leather chair! He has made eye rolling an art!