Our Farm

dsc00472Shomrah: Her name means ” she guards” in Hebrew which is the perfect name for our livestock guardian. Beautiful, big and really fluffy, her originally white fur (now tan and brown with mud) keeps her nice and warm on cold winter nights when she loves to roll in the snow.



fullsizerender-copy-50Rayah: Her name means “friend or companion” in Hebrew. She is exactly that. Attention demanding, snuggle craving and oh so loving. The only thing that keeps her from being the absolute perfect dog in the world is the drool that runs from her mouth like a faucet when food is present. Thank you to the Saint Bernard genes she received from her mother! Thankfully her father was a Newfoundland, but it only helps a little bit. We call her a “kitty-pup” because she behaves more like a cat than a dog. She rubs her head against your leg to get your attention and her favorite place to curl up is on your lap! At 90 pounds, that’s a big lap dog!


Mishmar: He is our new fuzzy bundle of love. He is currently at 30 lbs and will probably gain around 100 more pounds before he is done growing. He likes to fluctuate between hyper bouncy-ball and exhausted sack-of-fluff as he hits different growth spurts. But his super lovable personality has very quickly wiggled him right into the middle of everyone’s affections.





Henry: Henry is our oldest and friendliest cat. He used to have quite a weight problem but thanks to diligent watching of the food bowls, he is much sleeker and healthier. He keeps careful track of the time (breakfast time and dinner time) and lets us know rather loudly that it is time for his special can of food to be opened! He and Eva are good buddies and can be seen (and heard!) wrestling or chasing each other around the house.


dsc00448Hadassah: Also known as Fuzz, Fuzzy, Fuzzy Muffin, Turkey Monster, Meow Fuzz, Fuzz Moo. Yes, she is a fluffy, long-haired cat who loves turkey. We are not exactly sure what her breed is but there may be some Norwegian Forest Cat or Maine Coon present because she has little fluffs of fur in the middle of her paw pads (it is so CUTE!!!!). And she totally looks like both of those breeds but a little smaller, thank heavens, or the turkey would never be safe.


Chryssy: The little crazy, spunky cat of the house. Her full name is Chrysanthemum, named after a favorite children’s book. She is our resident fly, spider, and any other kind of bug, chase-and-play-with cat. Some of her funniest moments are when a light is reflected on the wall.  She goes nuts over it!



dsc00451Eva (Kiggy): The new baby kitten of the family. I won’t even go into all of her nick names because that would take an entire page all by itself. Oddly enough, she happens to be the Chief of the feline gang around here (hence one nick name: Chief Squirrel Tail Kiggy Cat). She is smaller than the rest in size but has a pretty big presence around here!



fullsizerender-copy-11Mia: The previous head goat of the herd. She was knocked one spot down in the dominance order when we added a Saanen milk goat.  Mia is a purebred, double-registered Nigerian-dwarf with shaggy fur. She was the first doe we ever owned and we have learned a lot from her sweet and sassy personality.



fullsizerender-copy-70Shmitah: Mia’s oldest kid and now a mother herself. She isn’t a major milk producer but her milk is very valuable when it comes to cheese making due to the high-fat content.





fullsizerender-copy-72Yovel: This is our little miracle goat. When she was only a little over a year old, she contracted what we believe to be a bacterial infection that affected her neurological system. The illness seemed fatal but with God’s blessing, she pulled through. To see more about this experience check out a video that a friend of ours put together. She still has a few lingering effects from her illness. She prefers to circle in one direction and she has a much louder voice than before she was sick. (That was one change we weren’t so excited about!)




Buttercup: The new head goat. Buttercup is a Saanen and really should have been named “Butterquart”. This new addition to our herd has been a huge help! She gives us enough milk for cooking, drinking, pouring on cereal and completely filling the freezer!




Butterscotch: Also known as “Scotcheroo” around here, is our sweet little buckling. He is one of Mia’s kids from her latest kidding in November of 2016. This sweet little guy is very similar to his daddy, Mordechai.



Shem’uel: We like to call him “Shem” for short, which is funny because in Hebrew “Shem” means: name. So we are essentially calling him “Name”. He is Yovel’s little miracle and was actually a surprise to all of us. Unfortunately, he has inherited his mother’s new voice.




We decided that it was best for everyone if we no longer named our chickens. When chickens have names, it feels like you know them! We became way too attached and couldn’t process them when they stopped laying. (It was even hard to think of someone else processing them!) Now they are just “the flock.” Is it possible to become real farmers instead of animal collectors and lovers?



Ok….so….we already relapsed. Meet Ellen and Helen. We just couldn’t help ourselves. These chickens screamed for names…