The girls took piano lessons with Laurie for about 7 years.  She was always positive and enthused which made the lessons enjoyable.  When my son turned 6 he also started lessons and loved it when she sang along while he played.

Her love of and knowledge of music is never ending. We saw that every time we came to lessons because we’d always have a blast and walk away with something new.

When the girls expressed interest in other instruments she was there to guide them and assist -both ended up taking guitar lessons with her as well as piano. She also gave advice on the violin!

As the girls got older, their taste in music changed and Laurie was great at keeping them going with their regular lessons by agreeing to teach them the “pop” songs as well.

When she informed us her family was moving, the kids were upset as they had become quite attached to her, so when she said she would try out “Skype,” we jumped at the opportunity for the girls, who then were able to continue their lessons uninterrupted.

Laurie is wonderful.
She believes in the kids and knew what they were capable of being able to do.  She pushed them to want to play better and there were challenging days. Music comes to those who listen and work for it, that’s why their love for music grew!